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Bible Studies:
Wednesday evenings @7:30
Please contact us for the location.
Do you think there is more to the Word of God than what you were told?
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Welcome to the Ekklesia Fellowship website.
This website exists to spread the true Gospel to those who truly seek to know the Lord God. The messages listed (in the link above) are delivered by Pastor A. Adam, and were never presented without the leading of the Holy Spirit. They are only posted for spiritual growth and confirmation to the true believer, and not to be watched for any other reason. We are not affiliated with any denomination or organization, for we believe that these are made and led by man, and therefore fallible and always susceptible to corruption. We pray you will be blessed in hearing the true Word of God being preached.
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Encountering problems? Missing links? Want to give comments about the site? Just contact us at the church e-mail address and we will try to fix the problem as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!
Ekklesia Fellowship
Ekklesia [ek-klay-see'-ah]:
From the greek; literally means the called-out ones.
To be born from above is a
free gift.
To be saved is a daily walk.
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Sunday Services:
Sunday mornings @ 10:00
Please contact us for the location.
Adam's First Book is Out!

You can buy your own copy by clicking one of the links below:

Since retiring again in 2004, Arthur decided to write this book. Because of his grade 2 education he told his stories to a ghost writer who in turn put them on paper. How Arthur speaks, that is how the book is written. The book depicts Arthur's speech as close as possible to him.